Neve Shalom Synagogue

Called the “Oasis of Peace” or the “Valley of Peace,” the Neve Shalom Synagogue is located on Büyük Hendek Street in the Galata Kuledibi district of Istanbul. Marsel Franko, a Jewish community leader, renovated the gym of the “First Coeducational Jewish School” to be used as a synagogue. It was opened during Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) on September 26, 1938.

In 1949, all the necessary legal permissions were obtained, and the project’s development began. Among all the projects prepared for the synagogue’s construction of the, those of Elio Ventura and Bernard Motola, who had recently graduated from Istanbul Technical University, were accepted and the building was open for religious services on March 25, 1951.

The ceiling structure of the synagogue is a dome. The architectural calculations for the dome were made from Badin, a famous architecture, and its dome was crafted by Garbis Usta, a famous papier-maché master. The stained glass windows of the synagogue were drawn at the State Fine Arts Academy in Istanbul, and the special glasses used in the sanctuary were imported from England. The marble floor covering is made of onyx.